40 years of Sitomatic, innovation that never stops!

Sitomatic was founded 40 years ago in 1980. Sitomatic's history started with selling PLCs. But over time, proprietary peripherals for PLCs were also developed.

In 2015, the company eventually changed hands and continued as Sitomatic Process Technology BV. In this form we have been around for 5 years now.

Therefore Sitomatic has a double anniversary to celebrate!

We are proud that in the past 5 years Sitomatic has been able to develop further and have also made great strides forward.

  • The company has grown steadily;
  • Our customer base has expanded considerably;
  • A network of Dealers in Europe;
  • Worldwide delivery to major international customers;
  • ISO 9001 certified.

Sitomatic supplies many standard solutions for controllers in the Process Industry and we are still developing our products in-house!

As a "team" we are therefore very proud of the company “Sitomatic”.

We also want to thank all our customers and partners for the good cooperation in recent years!

As a company, we would like to continue doing this together now and in the future.


Sitomatic 40 years!


An out-of-life cycle product is a product that is no longer supported by the original manufacturer. This relates to new units, spare parts or conversion kits.

Sitomatic has developed solutions that are 1-on-1 replacements for these products. With these products the lifecycle of the units gets extended and lowers the operational costs. On top of that you will have the normal support expected and an up-to-date unit.

Mastermind Replacement Module 

This unit is specially designed for replacing the Keystone F784 Mastermind, with all the functionality of the original. Thanks to its simple design it allows fast replacement, without the need for any changes on either the valve or its mounting slot. Made to run on AS-Interface 2.1 and 3.0. This allows for easy reintegration into a AS-Interface network.

SattTop conversion kit

For the replacement of the SattTop system that is at the end of its life cycle, Sitomatic offers a complete conversion kit. It is based on the AS-Interface bus system. The total system consists of gateways, power supplies and the specific well known Simaline wiring components for the process industry.

Special wishes? 

Our engineers are specialized in designing unique solutions. Have you got a special wish or do you need a custom solution? Is there something you require but it is no longer available?

Contact us +31(0)594 516 670 and our experts will gladly talk to you.

Sitomatic is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sales of high quality control systems for the process industries.

We have more then 30 years of experience in this field and have developed specific solutions for it.

Sitomatic has specialized on controls of valves with pneumatic actuator. Our Valve-controllers are the perfect solution for individual controlling and monitoring of these valves by a single cable! The Valve-controllers are equipped with all functions for commanding and position monitoring of the valve. We have controller units fit for parallel wiring and for the AS-Interface fieldbus.

Sitomatic is an independent company. We have developed a unique program of products. At the moment we have standard Valve-controllers for more than two hundred different valves and actuators of many different valve manufacturers. And our range of products is growing continuously.

The AS-Interface product program has been extended with different Motor-controllers and Instrument-modules upon requests from customers. For specific information on Valve-controllers or process automation contact us.