VC-9000 Series

The VC-9000 universal Valve Controller.

Innovation never stops.
Our VC-9000 series is proof of this.

We have put our 35 years of experience together and created our most universal valve controller.
It is our new standard for controlling valves in the process industry.

The VC-9000 can perform all the functions of our current models, has added functionality and is easy to use.
It is not only ready for the future, but it´s backwards compatibility makes it a drop-in replacement for older installations too.

With this feature it is easy to replace older models even from other manufacturers, without the need to install a new valve or actuator, avoiding costly
The VC-9000 is one of the easiest units to install or maintain: just push the calibration button and it will self-calibrate, in just a few seconds!

The universal unit can replace most currently in use valve controllers from any manufacturer.

With the Replaceable electronic modules, you can easily switch between rotating and linear movement and also between different protocols like AS-i or Direct I/O.

The advantages are:

  • One size fits all;
  • Auto-calibration as standard;
  • Deliverable for AS-i, and direct I/O 110V;
  • Rotating action between 0-360°;
  • Contact free position monitoring;
  • Suitable for Namur Actuators;
  • Small housing;
  • Visual feedback;
  • LED dome.

Information VC-9000