Other Products


Besides our standard products we also make special products on request.

This can be white labeled customized products for clients but also specific solutions for practical problems.

A nice example of this are the upgrade kits for the old Altop and Satt Top from Alf Laval to AS- Interface bus-system.

Lowcost upgrade for Alfa-Laval – ALTOP Valve-units
VU2, VU3, VU4
to AS-Interface bus-system

AS-Interface PCBPCB Altop k

With: a connection for the Display module (1)

        a connection for the AS-Interface cable (2)

        2 connections for the Solenoid (3)


Display module

ASI Altop k

Lowcost upgrade for Alfa-Laval – Satt Top Valve-units


Satt Top upgrade