ASi Fieldbus

Automation of process plants with AS-Interface Fieldbus

The widely accepted network for the lowest levelThe SimaLine-A product line of Sitomatic ASEV Electro Valve Controller
is based upon the well-known AS-Interface fieldbus. It is suitable for application in the processing industry, because of its flexibility, reliability, cleanability and its robustness.The system consists of various types of
Valve-controllers, Motor-controllers, Instrument-modules, Fieldbus-masters and installation materials.The advantagesThe SimaLine-A system is an important money-saver, as for example on the design.
ASMC Motor Controller

Using the AS-Interface cable with two conductors avoids the use of PLC switchboxes with I/O cards as used in parallel wiring. Cable ducting gets easier or is not necessary at all. In stead of drawings of all the connections, a simple address-list will do.



The installation:  You may choose special flat wire or standard round cable to install ASI round Cablethe network. The special connectors with cutting connections (for round cable as well) allow short installation times.


ASVC 1000 Valve ControllerThe commissioning: Every AS-Interface unit is factory tested and can be put into operation after being addressed. The optical indication makes it easy to adjust and check the position indicators.